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Content writing is what most of mentors find boring, don't worry, we'll take care of it very well.Content and blogs, these two are very common terms that we hear day in and day out. You have often heard of friends who are content writers or bloggers. Here, we have thrown some light on what actually content means and what is the meaning of a blog? Blog, also known as web log, is kind of an online diary. A blog covers different topics and issues. Anyone can write a blog and can share it on the internet, the only condition is, one has to have sufficient knowledge about computer and the internet. The person who writes a blog is called a “Blogger”. You must have seen when you Google search something, a list of blog-sites open in front of you, these are the blogs written by different bloggers.

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Blogs are of different kinds

Blogs are of different kinds, namely, personal blogs, professional blogs, academic based blogs, technical blogs, non- technical blogs, opinion based blogs, informative blogs, guidance blogs, etc. One can start a blog according to his or her field of interest.

Talking about the content, it is the matter or the information of a document or a publication that is valuable to the user, in any form.  What we write in the blogs is also the content. The value of content is further enhanced by formatting the text, filtering and by combining the original sources of the content for the audience.

A blog contains content, images

A blog contains content, images, media related to the content and the topic, links to other blogs and web pages. With a blog, you create a brand in the market with the helping hand given by the subscribers.  After contacting the subscribers via email, you can sell your products as well as services. A little investment is required before starting your own blog. You need to buy the domain name. The domain name is basically the name of your blog or the website. It is the name by which the user will search you on the search engine. Think of a name for your blog and check the availability. You need to check if the name is already registered and owned by any other person or not. Once you conclude on the name of the blog, immediately get it registered by a website registrar.

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The next step is Web Hosting which allows the bloggers to make their blog accessible on the World Wide Web. This process takes about 24 to 48 hours. Once you complete the two processes, you can start posting content on your blog. But, if you do not wish to spend anything on your blog, you can blog with free blog sites. There are various free blogging sites that require no investments. They are related to entertainment and fun. Once you have started blogging, make sure to update the content present on the blog regularly and put the maximum amount of informative content on the blog. Remember, it is only the content that is present on the blog or a website that draw the masses and hence increases the traffic on the blog.